Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

0232 407 456


  • General and specialized exam;
  • Treatment in gastrointestinal and lung diseases;
  • Urethral probes;
  • EKG, cardiac, abdominal, pelvic ultrasound;
  • Electroencephalogram; electromyography;
  • Physiotherapy; Laser therapy; Ultrasound therapy.

Medical staff

PhD, Prof. Gheorghe SOLCAN
PhD, Lect. Luminiţa HRITCU
PhD, Lect. Sorin BEŞCHEA
PhD, Lect. Vasile BOGHIAN
PhD, Lect. Alina ANTON
PhD, Assoc. Prof. Mihai MUSTEAŢĂ
Drd. Răzvan MALANCUŞ
Dr. Luminiţa TOMA