Radiology and Imaging Clinic

Radiology and Imaging Clinic

0232 407 571


  • Direct radiological examinations in pets and farm animals (Roentgen DR full digital device; Rx mobile Intermedical Basic 4006);
  • Digital radiography obtained through a rapid acquisition system (direct radiography) with the possibility of performing biometric evaluations of the examined regions;
  • Radiological examinations with contrast agents: barium transit or with other contrast agents, myelography, urography with single and double contrast;
  • Complementary techniques to the radiological examination: pleural / abdominal puncture and examination of the taken fluid, mild / moderate sedation of the patient, surveys;
  • Rx test for elbow and hip dysplasia in dogs;
  • Abdominal, non-cardiac thoracic ultrasound (General Electric Logiq V5 Expert ultrasound).


  • Following the radiological examination, the radiological interpretation bulletin and the images in electronic format are issued on CD.
  • For the radiological examination, a referral ticket from the attending veterinarian and appointment is required.
  • Medical emergencies have priority during the work schedule of the Radiology Clinic.

Medical Staff

PhD, Prof. Vasile VULPE
PhD, Lect. Radu Andrei BAISAN
PhD Cătălina Andreea TURCU
PhD Eusebiu Ionuţ CONDURACHI
PhD Ștefania HRENIUC
Dr. Ștefan ACOMI