University Veterinary Medicine Research Centre

University Veterinary Medicine Research Centre


Address: 8, Mihail Sadoveanu Alley, Iasi, 700489, Romania
Telephone: 0040 232 219.113
Fax: 0040 232 251.898


Head: PhD, Prof. Liviu Miron
Managing board: made up of 5 members
Secretary (International Relations): PhD, Prof. Gheorghe Solcan

The Research Center was evaluated and approved by the National Council of University Scientific Research in 2007. Major fields of research are: Animal and Compared Pathology, Hygiene and Environmental Protection, Animal and Public Health.

In the Research Center work all the academic personnel of the faculty, the research teams being coordinated by 14 professors, coordinators of PhD theses. In Research activate the following laboratories and clinics:

  • Veterinary Anatomy;
  • Cell Biology, Histology and Embriology;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Toxicology;
  • Phisiology;
  • Phisiopathology;
  • Pathologic Anatomy and Necropsic Diagnosis;
  • Oncology;
  • Pharmacology;
  • Imagery: Radiology and Ultrasonography;
  • Hygiene and Protection of the Environment;
  • Micology and Micotoxicology;
  • Microbiology, Immunology and Immunopathology;
  • Genetics;
  • Food safety, Food hygiene and technology;
  • Internal medicine;
  • Surgery clinics;
  • Veterinary obstretic, gynaecology and andrology;
  • Parasitology;
  • Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases;
  • Animal breeding and nutrition.

The research activity consists in:

  • grants finnanced by the National Conseil of Universitary Scientific Research or international funds;
  • research contracts with some direct beneficiaries: farmers, food industry entreprises, drug and bioproduct entreprises etc;
  • internal research themes: PhD theses, Master Degree theses, licence theses.