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Excelency Research Projects

(Research regarding the agronomic and nutritional values of the main grassland ecosystems in Romania, under the conditions of sustainable management and maintaining the biodiversity of the vegetation cover)

Oenology Lab
(Infrastructure development and competencies extension of the oenology laboratory for physic-chemical tests and analyses of must, wine and other alcoholic beverages)

(Estimation of actual stage and development potential of the ecological
vegetable production from the northeast zone of Romania)

(Agrobiological potential estimation of some new sweet cherry varieties
and hybrids in order to improve the national assortment, with a better
natural resources utilization for a sustainable agriculture)

(The improvement, preservation and use of degraded soils by human intervention in the hilly areas in order to improve the quality of life and the environment protection)

(Organization of a laboratory for soil-plant analysis, according to the requirements of the European Union on quality and conformity certification)

Researches concerning the influence of some biochemical and physiological processes in the rootstock-scion interaction that increase the agroproductivity of some fruit trees and mathematical modeling

Establishment of all the machines used for soil works mechanization in agricultural exploitations from N-E of Romania, aligned at the concept of sustainable agriculture

The early diagnosis and preventive therapy of the pathological states of culture fish in direct relationship with the production indicators

In vitro and in vivo researches regarding the rootstock-scion interaction for the early detection of incompatibility biomarkers in fruit trees