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3D – Advanced Visualisation Center

TelePresence Lab

The TelePresence Lab provides an innovation hub for e-synchronous and advanced distance learning, which involves eye-to-eye and cognitive contact, allowing an efficient collaboration of ideas, learning and discovery.

Immersive Learning Lab

The Immersive Learning Lab provides a Cave Automated Visualisation Environment (CAVE) or anywhere from a 2 to 8 multiwall display in order to create a realistic learning by doing environment.

Experience & Discovery Lab

The Experience and Discovery Lab will provide an exciting and innovative method of knowledge transfer, so the audiences would discover new ideas and concepts through “Edutainment” (the merging of education and entertainment technologies).

Visual Learning Lab

The Visual Learning Lab provides an exciting and stimulating learning environment so that learners can virtually and visually communicate their ideas and discovery.

Development Lab

The Development Lab translates up to 99% of existing CAD data into interactive 3D. Additionally the team is trained on translating traditional 2D data, text, and photographs into real time and interactive applications.