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Center for Career Orientation and Guidance (CCOC)

According to the IULS Senate Decision no. 8, from 16.09.2005, within IULS is established the Center for Career Orientation and Guidance (C.C.O.C.), continuing the activity of the Consultancy Department for the choice of professional trajectory and graduates’ placement on the labour market, established in 2000.

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IULS – CCOC Committee





PhD, Lect. dr. Dan BODESCU


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PhD, Prof. Mihai STANCIU


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Ana Maria BORTĂ


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PhD, Assist. Eduard BOGHIŢĂ


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PhD, Lect. Ciprian CHIRUŢĂ


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PhD, Assist. Roxana Nicoleta RAŢU


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PhD, Assist. Răzvan Nicolae MĂLĂNCUŞ


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The tasks of The Centers

Center for Career Orientation and Guidance (CCOC) at university level:

  • Coordinates the activity of the counseling centers from the faculties;
  • Promotes the educational offer of Te U.S.A.M.V. Iasi;
  • Displays on the university’s website useful information on the structure of the university, the domains and specializations of study, rules for admission, promotion and completion of studies;
  • Conducts a permanent counseling activity, both for the selection of the study trajectory and for finding jobs according to the students’ training and the requirements of the employers;
  • Organizes regular meetings between students and entrepreneurs / business people, potential employers;
  • Informs the graduates of the job offers by displaying them in the faculty’s presentations and on the university’s website;
  • Identifies and contacts potential job suppliers;
  • Other activities that support the students’ successful completion of the academic training stages.

Center for Career Orientation and Guidance (CCOC) at faculty level:

  • Contributes to the elaboration of the study guide for students of the first year;
  • Organizes meetings with students of the first year, by specializations, for detailing and explaining the content of the study guide;
  • Carries out a permanent activity of counseling for Te students for offering guidance on Te choice of study program, of the themes for the diploma thesis;
  • Presents the competences that can be obtained by going on a certain study trajectory;
  • Provides advice on social, cultural etc. during university studies;
  • Provides information on employment opportunities after the completion of studies;
  • Is concerned with finding suitable jobs for the specializations followed by students;
  • Other activities in support of the successful completion of the university training stages.