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Research Centers

Research and Production Activity

The teaching staff as well as the students from the 3th and 4th academic years are involved in research activities, within the grants financed by the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Research and Technology, National Council of University Scientific Research, World Bank, state and private sponsors. The results of the research activities are examined and applied within the Didactic station which includes three farms, having a total arable surface of 509 ha. In these field research plots the students carry on practical activities, having the opportunity to get accustomed with new technologies used in agriculture.

Animal Husbandry Research Center

Head: Ph.D, Prof. Paul-Corneliu BOIŞTEANU
Telephone: 0040 232 407.495
Fax: 0040 232 260.650
E-mail: paulb@uaiasi.ro

Fields of interest:

  • animal nutrition and animal feeding;
  • the improvement of genetic value of animals population;
  • technologies of breeding and exploitation of animals.

The Institute of Research in Agriculture and Environment

Head: Ph.D, Prof. Gerard JITĂREANU
Telephone: 0040 232 219.175
Fax: 0040 232 260.650
E-mail: gerardj@uaiasi.ro


Telephone: 0040 232 407.318
Fax: 0040 232 407.318
E-mail: rovetemerg@uaiasi.ro
Web: https://rovetemerg.uaiasi.ro/ 

Veterinary Medicine Research Center

Head: Ph.D, Prof. Liviu-Dan MIRON
Telephone: 0040 232 219.113
Fax: 0040 232 219.113
E-mail: lmiron@uaiasi.ro

The Research Center was evaluated and approved by the National Conseil of Universitary Scientific Research in 2007.

Major fields of research are: animal and compared pathology, hygiene and envi-ronmental protection, animal and public health.

Agricultural Research Center

Head: Ph.D, Prof. Costel SAMUIL
Telephone: 0040 232 407.490
Fax: 0040 232 219.175
E-mail: csamuil@uaiasi.ro

Fields of interest:

  • technology of agricultural species,
  • physiology,
  • genetics and breeding of agricultural species,
  • agricultural economics.

Horticultural Research Center

Head: Ph.D, Prof. Lucia DRAGHIA
Telephone: 0040 232 274.932
Fax: 0040 232 274.932
E-mail: lucia@uaiasi.ro

Fields of interest:

  • establishing unpolluted technologies for vegetables growing, viticulture and oenology, fruit tree growing, flower growing, technology of horticultural products, dendrology and landscape in conditions of economic efficiency;
  • establishing assortment of varieties at the main fruit tree species in the NE zone of Romania.

The Centre of Quantitative and Qualitative Monitoring of Animal Production

Head: PhD, Lect. Răzvan RADU-RUSU
Telephone: 0040 232 407.375
Fax: 0040 232 260.650
E-mail: radurazvan@uaiasi.ro